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Tubeway Army were a London-based New Wave and Synth Pop band led by lead singer Gary Numan. They were the first band of the electronic era to have a synthesiser-based number-one hit, with their single "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and its parent album Replicas both topping the UK charts in mid-1979. After its release, Numan opted to drop the Tubeway Army name and release music under his own name as he was the sole songwriter, producer and public face of the band, but he retained the musicians from Tubeway Army as his backing band.

Band Members[]

  • Gary Numan
  • Paul Gardiner
  • Jess Lidyard
  • Bob Simmonds
  • Barry Benn
  • Sean Burke
  • Billy Currie
  • Trevor Grant
  • Chris Payne
  • Cedric Sharpley
  • Paul Simons



  • Tubeway Army (1978)
  • Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Replicas (1979)
  • Tubeway Army Featuring Gary Numan - The Dramatis Project (2000)



Are 'Friends' Electric.. (1979) You Are In My Vision (1979)