The Varukers
Band Info
OriginUnited Kingdom
Years-Active1979-1988, 1993- (Present)
Genre(s)Hardcore punk, Street punk, D-beat,Crossover Thrash
Label(s)Riot city records, Liberate records, Roy records
Associated ActsDischarged
The Varukers are a English hardcore punk band formed in 1979 by vocalists Anthony "Rat" Martin, which the band produced it's most influential recordings in the early 1980s.The band is considered to be one of the first to play the musical style of the hardcore punk band Discharged, known as D-beat.


The group  was initially known as The Veruccas, the band altered the spelling of their group name to " The Varukers " in order to convey more aggression. At the time when the band was recording in the early 1980s, they were part of a broader trend known as " UK 82 ", Second generation punk , or hardcore. Bands such as The Varukers, Discharge, Chaos UK, Amebit, and Charged GBH took existing 1977 punk sound and combined it with the incessant, heavy drumbeats and " wall of sound " distortion guitar sound of new wave of British heavy metal ( NWOBM ) bands such as Motorhead.

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