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The Obscenities were an American punk band based in Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 2015, consisting of guitarist and drummer Craig Garwood and bassist and vocalist Dee Clyde.


The band initially started as a parody punk band partially inspired by GG Allin. In the infant stages of the group the duo would write songs stream of conscious, Dee played guitar and sang while Craig provided percussion on a leather-bound bar stool. The name of the band came from the fact that vocalist Dee Clyde would scream curse words into the mic in their early demos (which were recorded live).

In spring of 2016 the group recorded their first EP, the Dirt Nap EP, which received positive recognition from Detroit Garage Punk fixture Timmy Vulgar and lo-fi recording legend Weird Paul Petroskey. The duo on the other hand were unpleased with how the EP turned out and regretted the decisions they made in the recording, feeling that they had no experience in recording such a heavy Hardcore Punk-style album. The group released the "No Sense" single in September 2016, a cut off their new album "Taking Out The Trash" which as of March 2017 is still being worked on and will most likely be released sometime later in the same year.

Band Members[]

  • Craig Garwood
  • Dee Clyde


Singles & EPs

  • Dirt Nap EP (2016)
  • No Sense (2016)
  • Songs for Grandma (2020)


  • Dirt Nap (2019)


No Sense (2016) Police Aren't Friends (2020)