Jam were  a English punk rock/mod revival band active during the late 1970s and the early 1980s. The band were formed in Woking, Surrey, England in 1972. The band released their first debut single " In the City " on May 20, 1977, which charted in the Top 40 in England.

While it shared the "angry young man" outlook and fast tempo of the contemporary mid-1970s' British punk rock movement, in contrast with it the band wore smartly tailored suits reminiscent of English pop-bands in the early 1960s, and incorporated mainstream 1960s rock and R&B influences into its sound, particularly from The Who's work of that period, and also drew influence from the work of the Kinks and the music of American Motown. This placed the act at the forefront of the 1970s/1980s nascent Mod Revival movement.

The band drew upon a variety of stylistic influences over the course of their career, including 1960s beat music, soul, rhythm and blues and psychedelic rock, as well as 1970s punk and new wave. The trio were known for their melodic pop songs, their distinctly English flavour and their mod image.

Band MembersEdit

  • Paul Weller
  • Steve Brookes
  • Rick Buckler
  • Dave Waller
  • Bruce Foxton


Studio Albums

  • In the City (1977)
  • This Is the Modern World (1977)
  • All Mod Cons (1978)
  • Setting Sons (1979)
  • Sound Affects (1980)
  • The Gift (1982)



Jam - In the City

Jam - In the City

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