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The Bad Seeds were an American garage rock band formed in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1964. Musically influenced by traditional blues and the raw recordings by the Rolling Stones, the group's sound was marked by primal Proto Punk instrumental arrangements and vocals. The band released three singles, mostly originals penned by guitarist Mike Taylor, that have since become classics of garage rock, and have the Bad Seeds considered forerunners in popularizing the subgenre in Texas.

Band Members[]

  • Mike Taylor - vocals, guitar
  • Henry Edgington - bass guitar
  • Rod Prince - vocals, guitar
  • Bobby Donaho - drums



  • "A Taste of the Same" b/w "I'm a King Bee" (J-Beck/J-1002) 1965
  • "Zilch (Pt. 1)" b/w "Zilch (Pt. 2)" (J-Beck/J-1003) 1965
  • "All Night Long" b/w "Sick and Tired" (J-Beck/J-1005 ) 1966


  • "I’m a King Bee"/"A Taste of the Same"/Sick and Tired"/"All Night Long" (Sundazed/SEP 199) 2009


All Night Long (1966)