Shitter Limited is Finnish Hardcore punk band from Hyvinkää formed in 1979. Band has later moved to Jyväskylä. The operation of the band died down, until it returned to the stages in 2006. Their songs are often very political and they often use very vulgar language.

Members Edit

The latest 1994 structure Edit

Miettinen - Vocals
Jykä - Guitar
Riitis - Bass
Frogley - Drums

Former members Edit

Reiska - Drums
Leppänen - Bass
Närzä - Bass

Discography Edit

  • 1989 - Anna pillua Helena Pesola [Gimmie some vagina Helena Pesola]
  • 1990 - Saanko nuolla persettäsi Harri Holkeri [Can I lick your ass Harri Holkeri]
  • 1990 - Wanted Yrjö Pessi
  • 1992 - Syö paskaa [Eat shit]
  • 1994 - Nyt ammutaan ministeri Pertti Salolainen [Let's shoot minister Pertti Salonen]
  • 1995 - No more lies -collection
  • 1998 - Nyt tapetaan kaikki -Live [Let's kill 'em all]
  • 2006 - Poliittinen Itsemurha -collection (relased in Germany) [Political suicide]

(Helena Pesola, Harri Holkeri, Yrjö Pressi and Pertti Salonen are Finnish politicians)


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