Sehr Schnell was one of the first Finnish punk bands ever. Band was active only short perioid of time and they didn't even make their own LP, but they played on the Pohjalla -complication which was at that time Finlands most important punk complication.

Discography Edit

  • 1978 - Orja"/"Muukalainen"
  • 1979 - "Vaihda vapaalle" /"1979"
  • 1979 - "Neuroottiset pohkeet" /"Selittäjä"
  • 1978 - on Pohjalla -complication (with Pelle Miljoona, Se and Problems?)
  • 1979 - on Hilselp -complication
  • 2009 - Sehr Schnell (complication with all the recorded works.)
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