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Scumcorpse was a notorious punk band from Lebanon.


Chaos & Sodomy (Unreleased Demo) Recorded: August 18, 2012 -August 21,2012

Chaos & Sodomy was recorded in august, but was never released however 2 songs from the demo were uploaded to youtube. Joe Crass, a local anarchist, played bass on these songs and recorded/mixed the demo before deciding to quit.

Chaos & Sodomy (cover art) Jbeil Alley Punks (2013) Demo EP Jbeil Alley Punks (cover art)

Jbeil Alley Punks was the only official release by Scumcorpse. over 1000 copies were sold locally. However Scumcorpse disbanded in

22 September 2013  ( R.I.P SCUMCORPSE )


Victor Outlaw - Guitar

Jp Bastard (AKA; Jp, Bastard, Jp Sleaze, Jp Hellfucker) - Vocals

Mohammed Alcohol - Drums

nancy - Bass

Past Members:

Rob Beer-opener - Drums/Beer-opener : '''June 28, 2012 - January 21, 2013

 Joe Crass (session member) - Bass: August 18, 2012 - August 21, 2012