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Henry Rollins started out as just a roadie for his close friend Ian Mackaye's band the Teen Idles. His name then was Henry Garfield. Then Ian Mackaye started a new band, Minor Threat, with the Extorts' Lyle Preslar. Henry saw this as a chance to start his own band. So the remaining Extorts and Henry started their own band called SOA or State of Alert. With bands like SOA and Minor Threat, the hardcore scene got more serious. Hardcore songs were usually joking around and were really goofy. But SOA was angry and tough. Henry Garfield's monotone yell over the noise of the band wasn't as strong as Minor Threat, but their songs were filled with anger. Girls, cops, anything that made Henry angry, he sung about. Simon went to college and Ivor replaced him. Soon Black Flag offered an audition for Henry. So after a practice in NY, he left SOA and joined Black Flag, and changed his name to Henry Rollins. Henry asked Ian Mackaye's younger brother to cover his band, but he wouldn't sing the lyrics. So he along with Ivor and Michael formed the Faith and Wendel formed Iron Cross.

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  • Henry Rollins − vocals (October 1980 — July 1981)
  • Michael Hampton − guitar (October 1980 — July 1981)
  • Wendel Blow − bass (October 1980 — July 1981)
  • Simon Jacobsen − drums (October 1980 — March 1981)
  • Ivor Hansen − drums (March 1981 — July 1981)

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