Ripcord was an English hardcore and grindcore band from Weston-super-Mare . Their music was among the fastest in the UK's hardcore scene and Ripcord was one of the first representatives of Grindcore in the UK alongside Napalm Death , Unseen Terror , Carcass and Heresy .

Band Members Edit

  • Steve "Baz" Ballam - Bass, Guitar
  • Jimmy Briffitt - Vocals
  • Malcolm Phelps - Guitar
  • John Millier - Drums

Discography Edit

  • The Damage is Done ( Flexidisc , Raging Records, 1986)
  • Defiance of Power (Manic Ears, 1987)
  • Harvest Hardcore ( Single , Raging Records, 1988)
  • Poetic Justice (Raging Records, 1988)
  • Your Choice Live Series, Volume Two (Your Choice Records, 1988)

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