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Anarcho-punk had a strong and very active base on Long Island from around 2001 to 2005. These four years gave rise to venues like Freespace and networks such as Food Not Bombs.

The Movement Fractures[]

{C As typical for a group committed to Anarchism, the decline of this particular movement was largely attributed to landlord and property issues.

Even at festivals dedicated to "unity", there were endless physical confrontations and factional differences. Many venues were lost to fights.

Subsequently, the Ronkonkoma Freespace became increasingly hard to finance. The location of the venue was also quite inconvenient during the rise of police presence at the LIRR after 9-11.

Though the venues may not be around, many local artists appear to continue to support radical politics in one way or another. Though the anarcho-punk movement had fallen, it has given rise to several different, unique and undefinable countercultures still seen on Long Island to this day. Unless the villian of the Punk scene Matt Rammalkamp burned them down.