Negative Approach is a American hardcore punk rock band, from Detroit, Michigan. The band was formed  by John Brannon and Pete Zelewski in 1981, after seeing a Blag Flag/Necros show.The band is to be considered the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region area.  Negative Approach broke up in 1984, the lead singer of the group John Brannon went on joining the Laughing Hyenas and later, Easy Action. The group got back together in 2006 and continues to tour.

Negative approach interview hardcore punk 2013

Band Members Edit

  • John Brannon
  • Chris "Opie" Moore
  • Harold Richardson
  • Ron Sakowski

Discography Edit


  • Tied Down (1983)

Singles & EPs

  • Negative Approach (1983)
  • Friends Of No One (2010)
  • Melvins / Negative Approach / Die Kreuzen / Necros (2) - Sugar Daddy Live Split Series (2012)

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