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MC5 was a American Proto Punk band from Lincoln Park, Michigan, formed in 1964 as a Garage Rock band. MC5 is known for their loud, energetic Rock 'n' Roll style, with Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, and Psychedelic Rock elements, aggression, and combining radical left-wing politics. MC5 was a big influence on Punk, paving the way for future bands.


Guitarist Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith were both fans of R&B, Blues, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale, and The Ventures. Reference They were into fast, energy music, and rebellious attitude. The band was formed into Smith's Vibratones and the Bounty Hunters in 1964.

Rob Tyner ( Derminer ) originally a bass player for the band then later became the lead singer and renaming the band Motor City Five. The style of rock the band was playing was Garage Rock, a energetic, speed style of Rock 'n' Roll that was a popular genre in the mid-1960s.

Band Members[]

  • Rob Tyner - Lead Vocals
  • Wayne Kramer - Guitar
  • Fred " Sonic " Smith - Guitar
  • Michael Davis - Drums
  • Dennis Thompson -Bass


  • Kick out the Jams ( 1969 )
  • Back in the USA ( 1970 )
  • High Time ( 1971 )




MC5- Kick Out The Jams (Extended)


Borderline (1969) Teenage Lust (1970) Looking At You (1970) Gotta Keep Movin'(1971)