Iron Cross is a American Oi! band from Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. The band play rough form of Street Punk and is considered to be one of the first Skinheads band in the United States. The band is accused for being a fascist group, hence the name " Iron Cross" and the members being Skinheads, the lead singer of the band San Grey and the D.C. Skins always denied being Neo-Nazis.

Crucified Edit

A New York Hardcore Punk band Agnostic Front began covering " Crucified," a song originally from Iron Cross. The song" Crucified " has became a Skinhead slogan and a staple cover songs for many Hardcore and Oi! bands.

Band Members Edit

  • San Grey - Vocals
  • Haggerty - Guitar
  • Ferrando - Drums
  • John Falls - Bass

Gallery Edit

Discography Edit


  • Iron Cross/San Grey And The Royal Americans ( 2007 )

Singles & EPs

  • Skinhead Glory ( 1982 )
  • Hated And Proud ( 1983 )
  • Est. 1980 ( 2012 )


  • Live For Now! ( 1999 )
  • Crucified For Your Sins ( 1999 )

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