Infa Riot is a punk rock/Oi! band formed in 1980 in Wood Green, North London, England by vocalist Lee Wilson and guitarist Barry D'Amery. The name Infa-Riot is an abbreviation for "In for a riot".

Infa-Riot played their first gig as supporting act for Angelic Upstarts in the Lordship Pub,Wood Green(sadly now a betting shop). Their fourth gig was reviewed in the Sounds magazine by Thomas "Mensi" Mensforth of Angelic Upstarts.[2] Two Infa Riot tracks were issued in the legendary Strength Through Oi! compilation in May 1981 and their classic song Each Dawn I die was issued in the follow up compilation Carry on Oi later in 1981.

Band MembersEdit

  • Lee Wilson - vocals
  • Barry Damery - guitar
  • Chris Lloyd - bass
  • Tom Eagle - drums



  • "Kids of the '80's" (1981)
  • "The Winner" (1982)
  • "Sound & Fury" (1984)
  • "Bootboys" (2011, split single with The Gonads)

Studio Albums

  • Still Out of Order (1982)
  • Sound & Fury (1984)
  • Old and Angry (2017)

Compilations and Live Albums

  • Live and Loud!! (1988)
  • The Best of Infa Riot (2005)



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