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Dezinformácia (stylized as Dezi'n'formácia) is a Slovak punk rock band formed in 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Formed after the TZB's split up by three of four final band members and new bass player Lukáš Molnár.

Band name[]

The band name is a kind of graphic pun. Originated from the drummer's nickname "Deni" and other bandmates shortened in the name of the band as "formácia" (English: formation). When the letter "n" from "Deni" tilts down and looks like it wants to fall down, it looks like letter "z". "And" which is located in the middle of the name is shortened as "'n'" like in the word "rock 'n' roll", so the name "Dezi'n'formácia" comes into being.


  • Denisa Čajkovičová – drums
  • Lukáš Molnár – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Matúš "Saki" Szakal – lead vocals
  • Tomáš Klimek – electric guitar, backing vocals



Peniaze (2020)

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