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Company L was a short-lived London based Skate Punk band that existed from 2009 until 2010. The band was a side project for members of Phinius Gage, Mouthwash, Mike TV and The Ramones. They released one, 6 song EP in 2010 via Disconnect, Disconnect Records. The band played no more than a handful of shows. Their show at the Underworld in 2010 with This Is A Standoff was recorded and forms the majority of what you can see of the band.


The band's eponymously titled EP consisted of 3 songs recorded in their only proper studio time, plus their original 3 song demo that they recorded before performing live. The EP is available for free download from the Company L Bandcamp page.



Company L Phinius Gage Mike TV - WWJD @ Camden Underworld w This Is A Standoff