Close Your Eyes
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OriginAbilene, Texas, USA
Genre(s)Melodic hardcore
Label(s)Victory Records
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Close Your Eyes is a melodic hardcore band from Abilene, Texas. They are signed to Victory Records and have released their debut album in 2010, We Will Overcome, and a second album Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts in October 2011. The music video for their first music single, "Song for the Broken", has become a viral internet video and gathered over 2 million views in a short time.[1] All members of Close Your Eyes are openly Christian and their beliefs are often the subject matter of their songs.

History Edit

Close Your Eyes had their roots in 2005 at Hardin-Simmons University, where Shane Raymond and Brett Callaway met and started searching for other musicians to round the line-up. After several line-up changes, they recruited Andrew Rodriguez, Sonny Vega and David Fidler. In 2008 they released their self-titled EP independently and in 2009 were signed to Victory Records to record their debut studio album.

We Will Overcome was released in 2010 and had received positive reviews, selling over 12,000 copies in June 2011 according to Nielsen Soundscan.Template:Citation needed The band has released three singles from this album ("Song for the Broken", "The Body" and "Digging Graves"), with music videos released for all three of them. Since then, the band has toured with Underoath,[2] The Word Alive,[3] A Day to Remember,[4] Stick to Your Guns,Template:Citation needed and Norma Jean.[5] They have played on some major festivals including Cornerstone Festival, Sonshine Festival, Ichthus Festival and Scream the Prayer Tour.

In 2011 they played live two new songs from their upcoming album, Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts, due to release on October 24th through Victory Records. Victory Records released a series of video previews of the upcoming album in their YouTube account. [6] [7]

Their song "Valleys" is the theme song for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's 2011 Turning Point pay-per-view. A music video featuring TNA professional wrestler Jeff Hardy and centered around his redemption storyline has been released through the promotion's YouTube account. [8]

Band members Edit

  • Brett Callaway - guitar, backing vocals (since 2005)
  • Tim Friesen - drums (since 2010)
  • Shane Raymond - lead vocals (since 2005)
  • Andrew Rodriguez - guitar (since 2006)
  • Sonny Vega - bass, backing vocals (since 2006)
  • Ben Clinard - bass (2005 - 2006)
  • Chris Coltman - drums (2005 - 2007)
  • Brian Escochea - guitar (2005 - 2006)
  • David Fidler - drums (2007 - 2010)

Discography Edit

Studio albums
Guest appareances
  • Shane Raymond - "Phoenix" from For Today's album Breaker (2010)
  • Shane Raymond - "The Jackal" from The Overseer's self-titled EP (2010)
  • Shane Raymond - "Bring Me Home" from Sovereign Strength's album The Prophecy (2011)


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