Circle jerks

An early Circle Jerks promo shot.

The Circle Jerks were a hardcore/skate punk band from Los Angeles, CA. They were founded in 1980 by Keith Morris (formerly of Black Flag) and Greg Hetson. After rounding out the lineup with Roger Rogerson and Lucky Lehrer, they made a place in the LA punk scene alongside bands such as Fear and the Germs.

Early CareerEdit

Keith Morris, who recently left Black Flag for "creative differences", met Greg Hetson, who had recently left Red Kross, and they decided to put together a band. Thus, the Circle Jerks were born. In 1980 they released their debut album, Group Sex, and in 1981 they appeared in The Decline of Western Civilization alongside Fear, Black Flag, X, Alice Bag Band, the Germs, and Catholic Discipline. They disbanded in 1990 and each member went on with their respective lives and careers.


The band reformed with members from the Wonderful-era to release Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities on Mercury Records. The album was released in 1995 and is their most recent recording. Problems came shortly after when Keith Clark suddenly quit the band and music altogether. Keith Morris was then diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, but he was back on his feet shortly thanks to many fundraising benefit concerts. This lineup has continued to tour (with the exception of Clark who was replaced with Kevin Fitzgerald) and has released a live album entitled The Show Must Go Off!.

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