The cover of Bullet.

Bullet is the first EP released by The Misfits. It was recorded in January of 1978 and released by Plan9 Records in June of the same year. The subject matter of the title song and cover art are the result of Glenn Danzig's morbid fascination with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his widow, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The songs were originally intended to be released on Static Age, which was shelved and unreleased for almost 20 years. This EP in its entirety was later released on the Beware EP.

Track ListingEdit

Side AEdit

  1. Bullet
  2. We Are 138

Side BEdit

  1. Attitude
  2. Hollywood Babylon



  • The band Texas Is The Reason took its name from a line in the song "Bullet": "Texas is the reason that the president's dead."
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