Bastards (formerly Bastards on Parade) is a punk rock band from Galicia, a celtic nation in the Northwest of Spain. Formed in 2007, the idea was to add their celtic roots to their loved punk rock and OI! with lyrics about the streets, touring, their own life view and party.

The band released four EPs and two full lengths, first one released by Carnage records (FR) and Uncle Owen (Japan) and the last one being produced by John Rioux and edited by Wolverine Records (Germany). Every single release was really well reviewed by celtic punk scene press like Paddy Rock from Chicago or Shite n Onions from Boston and all over the world, always ending in the first slots of theAlbum of the year…

They constantly toured all over Europe the last few years with their energic and whiskey flavoured live act, including a successful 15 dates tour with punk legends GBH.  As well they have played main festivals in Europe such as Rebellion Festival, Berlin Folk Punk Rock Festival or Resurrection Fest.

It is also remarkable that their piper joined for a while the Real Mckenzies and toured all over the world.

In 2015 they decide going back to their roots, what means more punk rock and more OI! writing, band name shorter and teamed up with California artist Tokyo Hiro for the bands artwork.

New full length is scheduled for early 2016 and they are stronger than ever and ready to roll with this new fresh air.

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