The cover of ...And Out Come The Wolves.

...And Out Come The Wolves is the 3rd studio album by ska punk band Rancid. It was recorded from February to May in 1995 and released by Epitaph Records in August of that year. Is probably the best punk ablum of the 90's.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Maxwell Murder
  2. The 11th Hour
  3. Roots Radicals
  4. Time Bomb
  5. Olympia Wa.
  6. Lock, Step And Gone
  7. Junkie Man
  8. Listed M.I.A.
  9. Ruby Soho
  10. Daly City Train
  11. Journey To The End Of The East Bay
  12. She's Automatic
  13. Old Friend
  14. Disorder And Disarray
  15. The Wars End
  16. You Don't Care Nothin'
  17. As Wicked
  18. Avenues & Alleyways
  19. The Way I Feel



The cover of Minor Threat.

  • The cover art of this album is a tribute to the cover art of Minor Threat's self-titled EP.
  • The song "Roots Radical" is a tribute to the influence of roots reggae, a subgenre of reggae known for its political radialism, on the band members in their teenage years.
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